Must Dos Home Maintenance Before the Winter

Perform the must do maintenance tasks before the winter and make your home ready for the cold.

It’s December 21st, a snowy day , 23 degrees and 10 inches of snow outside and suddenly your heat stops working. What would you do? In addition, your fireplace is not working due to lack of maintenance.¬† Your roof is leaking because you did not remove your fall leaves from the gutters. You will have to deal with these tasks at one of the busiest times of the year. This nightmare can be real if you don’t prepare your house for the cold season and have a risk to ruin your Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Please check carefully the must do home maintenance before the winter.

  1. Waterproof Doors and Windows: All that snow will melt down and you will have water all around. Be sure all of your doors and windows are waterproofed. Verify and fill any gaps you may have. You can use weatherstripping or caulk to seal them up. Do it way in advance, since replacement may be needed depending on the situation.
  2. Get a Fireplace Inspection: Did you know that clogged chimneys can lead to house fires? In order to avoid a disaster, have your fireplace inspected once a year. Be on the safe side and make yourself comfortable in your living room while enjoying your favorite coffee and movies.
  3. Clean the Gutters: During and after the fall, pay special attention. Surely your gutters will be full of leaves, dirts and debris. Hence, you must take care and remove everything before the winter kicks off. Above all, a gutter guard is a much better idea.
  4. Test your Heat and Water Heater Beforehand: Check that your heat is working. This is probably the first must do maintenance on your checklist before winter kicks off. Moreover you need warm water! You don’t want to have a cold shower in the cold season, do you? Don’t forget to “winterize” your home by shutting off the water to exterior faucets and draining the lines to help to prevent freezing and pipe bursts.
  5. Spray your Door Locks: Don’t end up locked outside as your keys are stuck inside the door locks. Avoid this by lubricating your locks.

Credits to House Beautiful and American Home Shield.