Fall Gutter Cleaning Tips

Fall leaves can create gutter nightmares.

Not following these gutter cleaning tips after the fall can lead you into a frustrating beginning of winter. Can you imagine yourself on the first snow day of the season, instead of enjoying the beautiful white views you are dealing with problems on your roof. However, this is totally avoidable. Your gutters have remaining objects from summer storms such as leaves and sticks. The fall is here with many more leaves slowly dropping in your roof. Get your gutters ready for the cold season with these fall gutter cleaning tips.

  • Be Safe: Safety is the most important aspect of cleaning your gutters. It’s mandatory to have a very resistant, non slippery ladder. In addition, it must be footed. A good idea is to ask for someone else’s help by holding the ladder while you work.
  • Remove Debris: You can use a garden trowel or even children’s plastic shovel to clean out the leaves and debris, also try a gutter scoop from a hardware store.
  • Flush the Gutter: After you remove all debris, flush the gutters using a hose. That’s the time you will make sure it is totally cleared.
  • Repair Small Leaks: If you notice a leak or small hole, you can likely seal it yourself. A tube of caulk costs under $10 and can be used to seal leaky joints and very small holes.
  • Tighten the Gutters: Over time, gutters usually pull away from the fascia board. Therefore, you will likely have leaks. Use your tools in order to put the gutter back to default position.

Sometimes the Best Gutter Cleaning Tip is to Find a Specialist

  • Too High: DO not risk your safety if your gutters are placed too high. Instead, call a specialized company who has vast expertise with appropriate equipment.
  • Large Leaks: It means that the problem requires special equipment and specialist eyes. Do not hesitate and call a specialist for an accurate diagnosis, since a spot of caulking itself will not work.
  • Rotting Fascia Board: Fascia boards are made of wood, so over time they will soften and rot to the point that they cannot securely hold gutters. This is usually a problem that needs to be resolved by a gutter professional as it involves uninstalling your gutters, removing the damaged board, and replacing the components.
  • Old Age: If you keep your gutters healthy with frequent maintenance, they should last around 30 years. However, after this average age you must replace it. Therefore, you will need a professional in order to get it installed properly.


Credit to Brother services