Winter Home Maintenance Tips Renters Should Know

Snow removal can prevent serious accidents. Check your local guide and laws.

As the holiday season begins, it’s important to think about winter home maintenance! It would definitely disrupt the festive ambiance should the pipes freeze and burst in the middle of  decorating for the holidays! It’s perfectly avoidable if you follow some very important winter maintenance tips making landlords and tenants winter stress-free.  Read on to find out s few suggestions:

  1. Avoid frozen pipes: Firstly, turn off and drain all outside water faucets, including spigots.  In addition, cover outside faucets with insulating foam covers. Turn off the sprinkler system. However, if the temperature is below 20, keep your faucet running slowly at all times. It will prevent the line from freezing. If you find any of the faucets frozen, call your landlord for further actions.
  2. Keep yourself warm inside: First and foremost, cover your window air conditioner if you have one. Inspect your fireplace and chimney and clean if necessary. Turn your ceiling fans on low in reverse (clockwise when looking up) to circulate warm air.
  3. Prepare the outside: Firstly, bring all the potted plants you might have indoors. Cover the outside plants with insulating material. In addition, remove the ice from trees and plants using a brush after snow.
  4. Inform tenants about local snow guidelines: Remind your tenants of the local snow and ice removal laws in your town. If your lease agreement states that your tenant is responsible for clearing snow from the public sidewalk in front of the property, remind them of their responsibility to do so. Fines can be applied when snow is not removed. Check out the snow removal law by state here.

Credits to Rentec Direct