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Multi-Faceted Team Approach….

Neighborhood Choice Realty provides its customers with a multi-faceted team approach to selling a home. They were able to arrange for competent contractors who were professional tradesmen and very reasonably priced.  Whatever the need,  NCR stepped up to the plate to solve the problem- housecleaner, carpeting, painter. They made this difficult, stressful process kinder and gentler.  All of our many detail oriented questions were answered.  NCR sold our home quickly and got us market price. They never stop working for you and always make you feel like you are their only client. Thank you for all that you have done for us!

Outstanding Results with Quick Turnaround…..

I highly recommend Julie Brodie for selling and for buying your home. I have watched with amazement the high number of homes she has sold over the last several years with outstanding results, including very quick turn around times. I knew when it was time to sell my townhouse Julie would be the selected Realtor.I was very pleased with the sales price. My home is an anomaly in my neighborhood (smaller unit with no bump out). Julie was instrumental in ensuring that my home showed well and was under contract within 3 days. I especially appreciated that she was there through the entire process while I was out of town. Julie is also exceptionally responsive to your texts, calls, and emails. That is so important when selling and buying your home.  Secondly, Julie was responsible for ensuring my offer on the new home was accepted. My offer for the new home was contingent on the settlement of my townhouse which presented a complication. Julie was outstanding in convincing the sellers and their Realtor that I was a bonafide client with good faith. Thanks to Julie’s perseverance I am now living in the home of my dreams.  Please consider Julie for all of your real estate needs. You will not be disappointed!

Tireless in their Efforts….

Buying and selling a home ranks high as a stressor. Especially now with the current real estate climate. There is so much involved; cleaning, repairs, storage, staging, packing, packing, and more packing. Not to mention all the time and energy that seems to diminish as the process goes on. I am so thankful that we were fortunate to know Julie Brodie. Having her as our Realtor made a world of difference. She has established a multitude of connections that assist in the process of selling. Need a painter? A stager? Movers? Storage facility? Cleaning service? Julie has the right person for every need. I felt that she removed the stress of finding the “right person” for the “right price”.Once our home was listed, it sold in three days! Much quicker than we had anticipated. In fact, we had not found our “forever” home by the time we went to closing. Fortunately, Julie and her team found temporary housing for us during this interim.When we finally found the perfect house is when the real magic happened. Julie is tireless in her efforts to achieve fulfillment of her clients needs. She worked around the clock to make sure that we got exactly what we wanted.We are so grateful to Julie Brodie. We had an amazingly positive experience and recommend them to everyone we know!

Made my Experience Pain Free…..

When Julie told me she would sell my house I believed her. I have talked to several agents before I decided that Julie was my girl. When I talked to her I felt that I have known her for a long time and most comfortable sharing my thoughts with her. She made my selling experience pain free. I have just helped my partner sold his property last fall and it was so painful and so much work. I was dreading the work and the emotional drain. I could not believe when I finally contacted Julie (she actually answered the phone on the first ring) and told her my decision to sell. It was during the 2 biggest holidays of the year(Thanksgiving and Christmas). She went right to work. She viewed the house and made recommendations about how to present my house for the best possible sale. She told me that if I follow her suggestions I will be able to sell my house quickly. I was skeptical but I have decided to believe in the expert and allowed her to lead. She was the first agent that I ever had that had a total package. She had workers that she trusted and went right to work on my house. I kept calling her and checked my phone to make sure that I was available and ready to do all the running around that I had to when I was selling the last house. The calls never came and everything was done without me. My house was ready to be listed in 2-3 weeks and after it was listed on Thursday I went to sign a contract the following day. My closing was within 2 weeks of the sold date. I am still numb and could not believe that the whole transaction was completed without stress. I did not spend anytime doing anything on this other than showing up at the settlement office to sign paperwork  And that was done in less than half an hour. Everything was very pleasant and everyone was friendly. Everyone got what they wanted and live happily ever after. Thank you Julie.

Knowledgeable, Understanding, Patient and Professional….

As a first time home buyer, I was nervous about the buying process. Where do I start? What exactly is an FHA loan, and how do I get it? Should I buy a short-sale/foreclosure? As soon as I talked to Jen Surlas, all of my anxiety and fear went away. She was knowledgeable, understanding, and VERY patient. She answered the millions of questions I had with such professionalism. Once we found THE perfect house, she and Julie Brodie led me through the negotiation process without a hitch. With their help and guidance, I bought the home I’ve always wanted in my ideal location and for the best price. I highly recommend using both Jen and Julie with your real estate needs. You will not be disappointed!

Top Notch and Efficient….

Julie is one of the hardest working people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is a no-nonsense, take charge personality that only gets tougher when things get harder. She does not quit, she will get the job done and drive a deal to closing.
The Team: Julie has assembled an all-star team. Whatever challenge you are facing, she has someone on hand to help, from cleaning, to repairs, to custom renovations, to final staging of the home. They are top-notch, efficient, and very competitively priced.
The Process: Julie and her Team know their stuff and they don’t miss a beat. They WORK to sell your home and they line it all up to ensure that nothing is left to chance.
The Downside: Julie moves a mile a minute and you better be ready to keep up. It is easy to feel overwhelmed when selling your home (especially in this market) so prepare yourself to put some energy into the process. You won’t outdo Julie (not possible) but you will feel left out if you don’t engage 110%.
Our Experience: We started with a different Realtor and our townhome languished on the market for 90 days with no serious offers. A friend recommended Julie. Within a month of meeting her we had upgrades completed and the house back on the market. TWO WEEKS LATER WE WERE UNDER CONTRACT for a higher asking price than what we had desperately tried to get under the previous Realtor  Granted we put a fair amount into upgrades, but it paid off, our home sold and we were able to move on.
From the sellers’ perspective, NOBODY ELSE could have managed what Julie and her team did for our family. They are the BEST and will work for you like you’re the only client they have.

The Sale Happened so FAST….

Our townhouse wasn’t even on the market or move-in ready but that didn’t stop Julie from selling it! Julie knew our family was growing and that we had planned to move to a single family home…someday. She received word from a fellow colleague that a potential buyer was interested in our neighborhood and literally stopped me in my car to see if we were still considering a move…someday. Long story short , Julie sold our house to that potential buyer in a matter of days. The sale happened so fast, our family had to work quickly finding that single family home we always wanted. Julie’s associate, Jackie spent many a day with me, my 1 and 3 1/2 year old scouring the neighborhoods that would be a great fit for all of us. Jackie, lived near the community we were interested in and thus was very helpful in showing us schools, parks and shopping. Once, we found the right home for our family, Julie successfully negotiated the price and we are still unpacking as we speak! Thanks Julie and Jackie for everything!!

The Only Realtor we will Ever Use….

We drove by a house that we liked and wanted to see. The called the number of the real estate company that listed the house. They told us that nobody could show it to us for at least one day. We were ready to leave when our phone rang and Julie (who worked for that company) called us and said that she was at Dulles airport, had just landed, but if we could wait a half an hour she would meet us. She arrived straight from a vacation and showed us the house!!! (She no longer works for that real estate company!!). She showed us the house again the next day and we bought it. Then we had to sell our house ….and fast! She suggested paint colors and had contractors come immediately to do the painting and any repairs needed. When all of the contractor work was done, she staged the house. We had the house on the market in two weeks and it sold in three hours!! (Most houses in our neighborhood were taking several months to sell.) She coordinated the sale of our new house and our old house on the same day. She is the only Realtor that we will ever use!

Recommendations are Spot On….

Julie is unbeatable. She will pull no punches in telling you what you need to do to sell your house, but her recommendations are spot on. We took her advice, got everything done, and then went on vacation. The house went on the market on Thursday. Friday morning she called us at the beach to tell us we had an offer at the asking price. By Friday afternoon, we had a ratified contract. Between ratification and closing, she also forestalled some nasty buyer issues that could have derailed the whole deal. In short, CALL THIS WOMAN if you want to sell your house!

The Marketing and Passion will Blow you Away….

I highly recommend Julie Brodie as well as her company Neighborhood Choice Realty. Her service level is so far above her peers you will be amazed when she comes back with a contract for your home 20k higher than your asking price within a week of being listed and then later you will be amazed when she helps you buy a home far under the sales price. The marketing and passion that goes into listing her homes will blow you away. Most importantly, Julie’s level of integrity and character gives you ethical peace of mind in a business and market where a good person and Realtor are hard to find in one package.

Honest, Ethical and 100% Educated….

Julie worked amazingly at negotiating our home purchase! Our house was a foreclosure with many obstacles to pass through. There were three other offers, for more money, on the house and Julie worked seamlessly with the other Realtor to negotiate on our behalf. She was upfront and honest with us throughout the entire process and assured us she would give us her undivided attention, which she did 100%. We came to find out, days before closing, that the bank had the incorrect lot number for our house. Normally, from what Julie informed us, those circumstances usually led to the house sale starting completely over again, but Julie diligently worked and within a couple of days got everything squared away and took us to closing. Julie was honest, ethical and 100% educated in everything she did for us. I recommend her very highly to everyone I know who is planning on purchasing or renting a new home. We trusted Julie and her knowledge to get us through and she never disappointed us throughout the entire process. She is the BEST out there! Thanks, Julie.

The Highest Degree of Integrity….

I don’t usually write reviews on my experiences as they are usually unforgettable, some good, and some bad. To me, my experience with Julie and her team is well worth my time because I am so grateful for the fabulous job she did! Late last year we presented Julie with what we thought were an impossible list of tasks. We desperately wanted to move into a bigger home, but the economic conditions weren’t favorable at all. Selling our townhouse was out of the question. As my wife and I talked, we figured the only way it could happen was if we rented our townhouse and moved into a new home almost all at the same time. We simply couldn’t afford any months without rental income. It was a long shot, but fortunately, we had Julie. When we presented it to her, she welcomed the challenge. First things first, we had to find our dream home. We sat down with Julie and listed all of our “must haves” and “nice to haves”. Within a very short time, she presented us with what would become our new home!! The process was SO smooth, but that’s when we really started getting stressed because our hearts were now invested. How are we going to get renters ? Who should we get our loan through? Well, these fears were quickly abated as Julie had potential renters by our house within 2 days, and after a short week, we selected a tenant making more each month than we set out to get! She also put us in touch with several recommended contacts at banks and the financial team we went with was excellent! Long story short, we moved out at the end of one month, had tenants in the next day, and never missed a month of rent! On the other side, Julie landed us our dream home and made the process of getting our finances, the closing, and the move itself so seamless. The most important characteristic of a good real estate agent is character. She has the highest degree of integrity, she is honest, and is so loyal. Although she had a ton of other clients, we always felt like we were the only people she was representing (and I”m sure her other clients felt the same way). Her knowledge of the local market is unsurpassed and it was fun watching her make seemingly impossible logistics come together so smoothly. Most importantly, she became our dear friend through the process. I would only recommend Julie if you are looking for the best. I would only recommend Julie if you need someone who will go to bat for you everyday. I would only recommend Julie if you want someone who has a network of trusted resources to make your situation (whether you are selling, buying, or even renting) go as smoothly as possible.

Absolutely Stellar Performance….

We just can’t say enough for how professional, thorough, responsive and caring Julie and her team was. They all were so very attentive to our needs from staging through closing. They are honest with their opinions and if you let her team do all the work, you’ll get a quick sale, even in this declining market. Due to their absolutely stellar performance, we had 3 offers in 3 days. Julie said she’d do it and Holy Cow, did she do it! You really need to get her team for your home sale. We wish her and her team only the very best.

Entire Process was Easy and Pleasant Experience….

We are incredibly happy how Julie made the entire home sale process such an easy and pleasant experience. Her ability to sell our house so quickly has brought us great relief in an otherwise stressful process. Julie has fantastic rapport and contacts with agents and prospective buyers, in-depth understanding of the local market, positive energy, effective house-preparation counseling, and provides honest feedback…she really delivered RESULTS. Julie truly has been awesome, both as a professional and friend; a true neighborhood Realtor!

Sold in a Weekend for Top Dollar….

We were thinking of selling our townhouse in Penderbrook and moving to a single family home. We got in touch with Julie and she walked us through the entire process of how everything would work. She and her team quickly helped us stage our home and it sold in a weekend to a buyer who had been looking for a year! She got us top dollar and in return found us our dream home in Franklin Farm. We honestly could not have been happier with the decision to buy and sell with Julie and Neighborhood Choice Realty. Everyone we worked with was patient, persistent and honest and really there for us through the entire move. They had great relationships with lenders, movers, contractors etc…We seriously think of Julie every time we think about how grateful we are to be in our new home and neighborhood.

Very Responsive and Knowledgeable….

Julie was fantastic to work with when buying my townhouse last year. She showed me places that were exactly what I was looking for and found me the perfect place in the exact location I wanted for my family. She moved really quickly and was very responsive and also provided knowledgeable answers to my questions. I would recommend her to anyone buying or selling a house!

Integrity and Attention to Detail is Second to None….

In a world of not always honest and usually desperate for the “sale”, Julie Brodie proves that she actually and honestly cares for BOTH parties involved. This is our second home through Julie and Neighborhood Choice Realty. Both moves were flawless and pain free because of the efforts of Julie and her team. They are not only professional and extremely knowledgeable of NOVA, but their integrity and attention to ALL details is second to none! She continues to check in a month later to make sure everything is perfect with the home, and we feel genuinely cared for. If anything ever needs attention, you can rest assure that it will be taken care of within 24 hours. Whether you are looking to purchase a home, investment property or a rental, she somehow makes everyone feel at the very top of her list. As a Wife, Mother and Washingtonian from birth I couldn’t imagine trusting anyone else but Julie with such an important role.

The Best in the Business- Hands Down!….

If I could pick one word to describe our home-selling experience with Julie, it would be OUTSTANDING! Julie is the best in the business, hands-down! She knows every aspect of selling a home! From the first day I called her, she provided us with valuable and accurate information. She knows everything and is truly an expert in the market! She tells it like it is and was right every step of the way! She never misguided us or made a suggestion that wasn’t in our best interest and I am positive that we got the best possible offer by working with her. She truly cares about her clients!I have never worked with someone so attentive, responsive, efficient and qualified! She made selling our home an easy and quick process and was there for us every step of the way! Thanks to her hard work and diligence, we had a contract on the house almost immediately!
Julie provides expertise and guidance far beyond listing and selling the house. She helped us stage it to be in optimal selling condition and guided us every step of the way to make it ready for showing. Once on the market, Julie handled everything and kept us updated daily. She made it so easy! Most agents would be done after getting a contract on the house, but Julie continued to work with us continuously – getting ready for settlement, referring contractors for repairs, coordinating repair appointments and even recommending the moving company we used for the move! She helped us tremendously right up to closing and we honestly couldn’t have had such a smooth process or great sale without her.If you want to work with the best and make the selling process as quick and easy as possible, I enthusiastically recommend Julie without reservation! I only wish I could work with her to buy my house in another state!

Surpassed our Expectations….

Working with Jen Surlas and Julie Brodie was a fantastic experience. Not only did the process goes smoothly and with as little stress as possible, we got our dream home. We gave Jen a very difficult task in that we knew exactly which development, and even which street we wanted to live on. With limited options she was very realistic with us, but kept working to get us what she knew we truly wanted. In the end, Jen and Julie worked for us to not only get in the neighborhood we wanted, but on the exact street we wanted, and on top of that it ended up being a bigger and nicer house than we were even expecting to get in to. So to say the least, Jen and Julie far surpassed our expectations. To anyone looking to buy a new home in a tough market, you would be silly to look anywhere besides working with Jen and Julie.

FANTASTIC Selling Experience….

Julie came in and took control. She had our home staged by an expert and had the home sold in 11 days. We had a difficult buyer but she saw the transaction through the process and we closed on the date we desired. Other than the drama with the buyer, which Julie buffered from us, it was a FANTASTIC selling experience.

Truly Grateful….

Julie was wonderful to work with when I decided to sell my town home in Fairfax. Julie made recommendations on how to stage and show my home to show off the square footage and best features of the home. After Julie listed my home, it sold in less than one week, and closed within a moth. In this market, that is hard to come by. During the inspection process, Julie brought in professionals to fix the minor items off the checklist. The house closed without any problems, and for this I am truly grateful.This year, I called Julie to ask her for her painter’s name. The painter spruced up my town home before I listed it with her, and I remembered the fine work he did. Julie put me in contact with him again, and I hired him to paint the entire interior of my new home. I still look to Julie today for my home buying/selling/ and maintenance needs. Thank you Julie!

Offered Timely and Prudent Suggestions….

I could not have asked for a better experience. My wife and I have been renting in the area for the last seven years and had been doing research on available homes in our area. I sent a request for further information on a particular property to the first agent listed. Chris, Julie’s associate,  responded and could not have been better. He immediately arranged to view the property and provided further information. Over the course of the next two weeks I sent further request for information on other properties I had interest in. He was extremely responsive to all request for information, and believe me I asked for information at a rapid rate. Once we settled on a property Julie made dealing with a difficult apathetic sellers agent enjoyable. She had great patience and offered timely and prudent suggestions throughout the contracting phase. Her skills in dealing with everyone from the appraisers to the selling agent/representative were invaluable. We are very happy with our purchase and I would not hesitate to recommend Julie, Neighborhood Choice Realty  or any of the other service provides associated with this purchase to anyone.

Recommend Neighborhood Choice Realty without Reservation….

My wife and I could not have asked for better service than we received with Julie and Jennifer. Julie sold our townhouse in under 5 hours!!! In addition, we were very particular about where we wanted to purchase our new home. Jennifer was able to find us a home in a dream neighborhood. To top it all off, we settled on our townhouse and closed on our new home all on the same day. We recommend Neighborhood Choice Realty without reservation.

Selling and Buying Process was Seamless….

Julie’s name is well known within the community and we now know why. Julie and her team did such a great job in staging, marketing, and selling our townhome in less than a day! Julie was very professional and worked hard to get our house sold quickly. We also enjoyed working with her when it came to buying our new single family home. She got to know our family and fought hard to get us a great deal. Overall, the selling and buying process was seamless. Our family has been enjoying our new home ever since. We are happy to refer our friends to Julie’s team anytime!

Focused on Quality….

Julie Brodie and those who work with her office showed great insight when my wife and I were looking for a home. They spent the time to know us and our personality and needs. They have given our family a HOME. They all are very patient and always available; even after the deal is closed. Would recommend Julie to all our friends and family. They are focused on quality.

Masterfully Handled All of the Negotiations….

We interviewed several Realtors and decided to go with Julie because of her professionalism, honesty, and her ability to be straightforward.  Julie had a stager come in and set up the house beautifully. We had many, many walkthroughs but it wasn’t a good time to sell in the current market – so Julie convinced us to rent it until the market was better. That was GREAT advice! Julie quickly found us amazing tenants and handled all questions/issues they had – she knows all right people, handyman  carpet cleaner, etc. The day came when Julie told us it was time to sell. We sold our townhouse the day we listed it! She masterfully handled all the negotiations and we sold it for a good price. Julie has an enormous amount of integrity and we are so grateful that we made the right choice and went with her.
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