It’s Back to School Time for Area Children

Area kids going back to school soonAs summer comes to a close, many children have mixed opinions about going back to school.  Some look forward to seeing friends thay have not seen since June, others dread the beginning of being loaded down with homework.  Its a mixed bag of emotions and all children take it with a grain of salt.  Usually its the younger students who are excited to go back, the older ones,  not so much!  Regardless of how they feel, it is a promise that school begins very soon.  The majority of the area schools, begin September 3, 2013.  The exceptions are Prince Georges County begins August 19, 2013 and  Montgomery County and Washington DC schools  begin August 26, 2013,


Did you know that 45,000 children in the Fairfax County Public school system are food insecure? The prospect of purchasing school supplies is stressful for  their families when they don’t know how they will put food on the table each night. Fairfax-based charity Our Daily Bread (ODB) is seeking volunteers from the community to donate funds, backpacks and calculators to assist needy children who attend schools in the Fairfax County area as part of its 2013 Collect for Kids Back to School Program, with a goal of providing supplies for 2,000 school children in the Fairfax High School and J.E.B. Stuart High School pyramids. Through a partnership with Fairfax County’s Collect for Kids Program, the organization can purchase all the necessary supplies for $15 or less per student. Financial donations may be made through Our Daily Bread’s web site, Backpacks and calculators may be delivered to ODB’s offices at 4080 Chain Bridge Road, 2nd Floor, Fairfax, VA 22030, Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. through August 12. For information, contact 703-273-8829 or [email protected]`