Tips to Rent After Being Evicted

Following carefully these steps will increase your chances to rent after an eviction.

An eviction can significantly reduce your chances to rent your own place and adversely affects your credit history. However, following the tips we identify below, will increase your chances to rent after an eviction.

  • Make some Amends: Talk to the landlord who evicted you and try to solve the situation. If the eviction is not fair from your point of view, you can speak to a lawyer in order to get accurate instructions; legal action might be possible. If your landlord agrees to solve the situation, make sure you have everything on paper.
  • ¬†Boost your Credit: Obtain your credit report from one of the three major credit agencies that offers it for free. If you find any debt in your name, try to negotiate the payment accordingly. After that, make sure it has been removed from your report. Consider seeking legal assistance if you find trouble along the way. In the future, make sure you pay your bills on time and don’t overextend yourself.
  • Look for Hospitable Landlords: Some landlords may be more lenient regarding renting their property to someone who has ben evicted.¬† In exchange, they may ask for a higher security deposit amount and monthly rental fees as well as proof of employment. A private owner may be more flexible than apartment complexes. A realtor can assist you in locating a rental according to your current situation and needs.
  • Ask for References: Positive references can significantly increase your chances to rent your new place even after being evicted. Contact past landlords you had a good relationship with. Past and current employers, business partners, friends and family can also provide good references.
  • Be Relentless: Be prepared to answer tough questions while providing accurate, honest and truthful answers. Clarify you have been evicted and make changes to ensure it will not happen again. Talk with the potential landlord about your situation. Making a good impression can also weigh in your favor. Be sure to keep your word.
  • Don’t Panic: Being evicted does not mean you cannot rent your own apartment. Follow these steps, and don’t give up.

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