Property Managers and Pets – Happy Companions?

Property Managers and  PetsIf your tenants don’t own pets, they’re in the minority. That’s the finding of a new  survey, in which a full 75% of renters said they owned one or more pets. That’s up a staggering 32% since last year. Most of these pets are cats and dogs, with fish trailing behind at 6%.

Curiously, only 63% of renters who own pets said they were required to put down a pet deposit. The most common deposit was $200+.

What’s possibly more interesting is that 58% of renters who don’t own a pet still sought out pet-friendly buildings. They want to live near pet owners. Of those renters surveyed in 2013, 78% said they lived in pet-friendly buildings, up from 59% in 2012.

The trends are clear: More renters are owning pets, and more renters without pets are warming to the idea of living near them. Add to this the fact that 65% of pet-owning renters said they had some problems finding pet-friendly rentals, and it seems clear that having pet-friendly units could put your property at a competitive advantage. Put another way, if you’re not allowing pets, you’re turning away a large subset of renters