Introverts Can Be Very Happy in a Senior Community

Introverted seniors can have privacy while relaxing and enjoying music.

Life in a senior community is usually vibrant, offering a large variety of fun and healthy activities. Among them include a book section, gardening, dancing, wellness programs, fitness programs designed for older individuals. Older adults choosing to live in a senior community, usually have a bustling busy life. Hence, it can be intimidating for introverts desiring a more relaxed life of low key activity. Keep reading to learn why even introverts can be happy residing in a senior community:

  1. Privacy is Protected: Among the main concerns of seniors is the fear of losing privacy. This aspect tends to alienate the aging in considering senior communities. Some senior living neighborhoods offer the level of care you want to receive. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you have a care team behind you answering any request or in an emergency.
  2. Everyone Sets their own Schedule: Senior communities offer huge amounts of activities. Everyone can go at their own pace- select activities that appeal to you. It’s liberating knowing you can have as much interaction as you would like. Try something new- and make new friends.
  3. Variety of Meal Options: From formal dinner groups to a simple snack in your own room, senior living communities offer options fitting every need or mood.  Many offer grab and go bistros, coffee shops and formal dining rooms.

    Caregivers are ready to fill any request, making life more convenient.

  4. Staff Visit Times are Flexible: The services of caregivers, housekeeping, and maintenance are typically included in the expense – but you can limit undesired interaction with them.

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