Easy Halloween Decoration Ideas

One of the best Halloween decoration ideas is the pumpkin customization.

Halloween is coming! Envious of your neighbors decorations? No worries! With these Halloween decorating tips, your house will be the scare of the neighborhood!

Un-Decorate before you decorate

Take your normal picture frames off the walls and decorations off all the surfaces including tables, counters, shelves, gardens, etc. When you add your Halloween decorations on top of your normal décor, you will likely be confused and overwhelmed. Then, focus on your Halloween decorations by making them the center of attention. Fill empty spots that other picture frames left by hanging Halloween plates or spooky decorations.

Focus on one color scheme

A classic orange and black color scheme for your decorations always looks great. In addition, you can also try a creepy purple, black and green color scheme or even sophisticating with  black and silver. Try not to mix more than three of these bold colors. This will keep your house looking put together and sophisticated.

Hanging Halloween Ghosts

Halloween decoration of your garden is definitely incomplete without ghosts hanging around. You can design them easily. You’ll just need a white bed sheet and a styrofoam ball that forms the head of the ghost. You can even make a ball by bundling up unused plastic bags and wrapping them up with tape. This DIY Halloween craft is as easy as hanging your clothes in the closet.

Paper Plate Crafted for Halloween

Making adorable Halloween-themed props using paper plates can be a fun activity for kids. Little ones will find it interesting to make bats, spiders, Frankenstein or pumpkins. It will help improve creativity and crafting skills. Check out the tutorial.

Decorate with pumpkins

Can be an obvious among the Halloween decoration ideas. We all love classic Jack-O-Lanterns, but pumpkins can be used in many different ways for Halloween décor. For a more chic look, try painting pumpkins, or using glue with glitter or buttons. Pumpkins can be used outside as a welcome sign outside after being painted, or inside as table or mantelpiece décor. Try painting a pumpkin with chalkboard paint and keeping a countdown to Halloween!

Zombie Barbie dolls

Want to achieve a spooky outdoor in minimum time? Zombie Barbie dolls would be a perfect idea. The basic principle of this DIY is that dirtier the dolls scarier they look. Let these zombie dolls invading your garden. Read on for more info.

Use candles

Candles are a great way to set a creepy mood for All Hallow’s Eve or the night of a Halloween party. White candles look spookiest and are easy to find. Mix and match different sizes and heights of candles and tealights on a mantle or as the centerpiece on a table. Dim the lights and the candle glow will give all the rest of your decorations a scary flickering shadow!


Credits to HomeCruz and Punchbowl