5 Ideas for a Clutter-Free Garden

Enjoy a Clutter Free GardenSometimes a walk through your garden can instill a sense of calm.  Picking dead floers from plants, rearranging pots, repositioning a small seating area offer ways to putter in your garden and revamp its style.  Here are 5 ideas to de clutter your garden space and create a more inviting spot to spend quiet afternoons with friends, or sip your morning coffee.

Reclaim the Entry

Every garden needs at least one area where you can shut out the world.Don’t have a whole courtyard to play with? Block off a corner near your entry with a trellis, train a vine to clamber over it, then tuck a bench behind.

Limit your Plant Selections

Give the stars of each bed enough room to show off. Then restrict the supporting cast to a few plants that complement them. Well-spaced plants, arranged by kind, are more calming than a chaotic jumble of different types. You can appreciate each one’s form more easily.

Add Objects with Meaning

Meaningful treasures remind you to slow down and live in the moment.  Tuck a favorite find or two from your travels or flea-market forays beside rocks or among shrubs.

Use One Plant per Pot

A single plant with a bold, sculptural shape is easier on the eye than a mixed planting, and a white pot allows it to shine. You don’t have to buy large, expensive specimens.  Try smaller hostas or ferns instead.

Create an Oasis

A place that indulges your senses and feels like an escape can be as relaxing as a spa visit or an island vacation.Find a scenic spot away from the house. Set up a smal dining area or just sling a hammock.