Settling Into a New Home: Family Tips

Organizing the packing and unpacking is crucial for a comfortable move.

Move in day is exciting and overwhelming all at the same time! There are many tasks (which may look endless) to do when you move.  Find out some tips to quickly help you and your family settle in and feel like…home!

  1. Make a To-Do Checklist: It sounds obvious, however many new home-owners forget this simple organizational tool. Listing your tasks in your new home, will relieve your stress and help you to not forget anything. Moreover, order them by importance or difficulty level.
  2. Organize your unpacking to optimize it: Controlling the anxiety in removing everything from your bags and boxes requires a plan. Skipping this tip may result in endless unpacking and re-organizing everything around the house.
  3. Arrange your furniture: It’s normal to take a little while until you are completely comfortable with your new space. Consider rearranging  and getting rid of pieces that don’t fit. Perhaps purchase new items that might work better in your new space.
  4. Help the children: For kids and teens it may be more difficult to adjust to the new home, neighborhood and in some cases new school. It’s hard for them to say goodbye to old friends and routine. On the other hand, the excitement of the move can relieve it. Here are some tips for an easy transition.
  5. Get to know your new neighborhood: Walking is the best way to get around and make the area familiar to you and your family. In addition, it’s a very good opportunity to meet your new neighbors and maybe introduce your children to some new friends!
  6. Host a Housewarming party: After all tasks are complete,  consider hosting a housewarming party. It’s the perfect occasion to get to meet your neighbors and for your children to make new friends in the new area.


Credits to The Spruce.