Before Renting, Scope out the Neighborhood

Each time you rent an apartment, you get to learn something which went wrong the last time. There are several types of landlords, neighbors, maintenance people, problems, and laws that can take a toll on you. However, it is hard for you to prepare yourself for everything ahead, but you sure can be careful.

At times, you are told by the landlord before renting their home is “the neighbors are great.” And most of us don’t really pay attention to that part when we rent a home. Your neighborhood can blot the enjoyment of your home, if you have to live next door to a disruptive or nosey neighborhood. Just because you can’t do much about wrong neighbors afterwards, it is best to do your investigative work before choosing to stay in a rental home anywhere.

A realtor must provide you a fair idea of the neighborhood, telling you about nearby amenities and a general feel for the demographic of the area. Pretty obvious, you can’t choose your neighbors, and people who own a property invested more time in its upkeep. Renters, as long as they are getting rent on time, don’t have a reason to care much about your neighborhood. As a result, your odds of getting an awesome neighbor are considerably worse.

Before renting an apartment, just talk to your prospective neighbors. Know about the issues which they are facing, or what is good with the home. All you need to do is be as polite as a sugar plum fairy, knock on their door and be a nice human being! In case of any problem which you face after moving in, you can reach your neighbors in order to resolve them too. Else, contact your landlord. Ask him for help, if neighbor is violating any term of your rental lease.

Just because most leases specify quiet hours, and you get to hear dubstep through the walls, you have cause for complaint. The landlord becomes liable to contact your neighbor and ask them to stop their behavior.

However, you can always invite your neighbors over a cup of coffee, and get to know them better! Who knows,  they may  turn out to be your friends in a need!

-From Realty Times