9 Real Estate Omens

Believe in it or not, there are plenty of bad—and good—omens woven into our culture.  Whether you’re facing seven years’ bad luck from that broken mirror or carrying around a rabbit’s foot in the hopes of turning your luck around, omens are all around us—even in real estate.  If you’re selling your home or looking to buy a new one, be on the lookout for these nine real estate omens.

Black Cat

Possibly one of those most well-known omens: If a black cat crosses your path during an open house, it could be a warning that bad luck is coming your way. Maybe you should think twice before submitting that lowball offer.

Swarm of Bees

While most people aren’t thrilled to see bees swarming around their home, where they land could be a bad real estate omen: It is said a swam of bees on your roof is a warning of a house fire.

Single Crow

Watch out for crows when you’re heading to your closing.  A lone crow appearing is bad luck and may make the deal fall through.


Love the house you just saw? Don’t open your umbrella before you leave—wait until you step out on the porch. Opening an umbrella indoors might bring you bad luck when you make your offer.

Picture on the Wall

Taking your personal photos off the wall isn’t only a good idea for home staging,  it can also help preserve your luck. If a picture falls off the wall while you’re trying to sell your home, you could bring bad luck to the deal.

Resident Blackbird

Think you may have a bird living in your house? Look for the breed before you shoo the guest away. A blackbird nesting in your roof could bring good luck, and some buyers might find the chirping charming.

White Butterfly

If the first butterfly you see in the spring is white, you’re in luck. A white butterfly at the beginning of the season brings good fortune in all of your business dealings, even real estate.


A frog showing up in your mud room around the time you decide to sell your house may seem like an odd coincidence, but a frog indoors could mean you’re about to come into money: Get ready to make a deal!

Peas in a Pod

You might want to have peas for dinner if you’re planning on going house hunting the next day. Finding nine peas in one pod is an omen that good luck is headed your way.

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