6 Tips for Tiny Gardens

Tiny Garden, Big Wow FactorLiving in the Wahington, D.C. metro area more often than not, space is at a minimum.  You say you want a haven to come home to after work.  You say you want a  place to escape the hustle of life. With an efficient layout and undemanding plants,  you can achieve an almost effortless oasis in which to relax. Use these 6 tips to get your “green-thumb” on.

Build a Green Screen

A frill-free chain-link fence covered with English ivy acts as a natural privacy barrier. Select plants that climb to quickly cover the fence and give you a secluded feeling.

Fool the Eye

Making some parts of the yard obscure, will visually enlarge  it.  If you can’t see the entire garden from any one vantage and  unsure where it ends,  it  will seem bigger than it is.

Try a Shady Idea

If your area has a lot of shade,  try paving over the plot with a no-fuss stone rather than trying to grow a lawn. At the foot of large shade trees, plant Hosta’s  for added depth.

Go Easy

With more foliage than flowers, a garden has ultralow-maintenance: Foliage plants, like croatan or coleus don’t need deadheading and leaves last longer than briefly blooming blossoms.

Layer in Color

For a quick hit of low-commitment color, a changeable assortment of party-perfect potted plants  rotates in whenever al fresco entertaining is planned.

A Pretty Problem Solver