Landlords Are NOT Responsible for these 5 Maintenance Obligations

Minors plumbing issues are not on Landlord’s obligations list.

Before renting a property it is important to understand whose responsibility certain obligations fall upon. Some might say the most expensive and toilsome tasks are up to landlords. Not always! Before signing your lease, be aware of some tasks that will be totally up to you. Below, we list  5 obligations which are the tenants responsibility.

  • Yardwork and Outdoor Maintenance

Have a backyard? You are responsible for the maintenance.  This includes: watering your yard, trimming shrubs and bushes, mowing and maintaining the landscape. If you live in a cold weather area, add snow removal to your list.

  • Minor Plumbing Issues

Your landlord and/or property manager will be responsible to take care of and make sure the plumbing systems are running perfectly, including leak prevention and major repairs. However, plumbing clogs are generally the tenant’s responsibility. Make sure your children aren’t playing hide and seek with their toys in the toilet! Renters must do their part to maintain plumbing systems and keep them running in good conditions in order to avoid further issues.

  • General Repairs – Renters Fault

Usually landlords are responsible to keep major appliances such as air conditioning and water heaters working properly. But if you, your roommates or any of your guests damage something, the fix cost falls on the tenant. Check your lease agreement and verify how the responsibilities are shared.

  • Unauthorized Service Calls

Before any problem of any nature, tenants should ask for the blessing of the landlord beforehand. Depending of the nature of the problem, tenants may pay for minors and unnecessary repairs. many property managers advise to let them or landlords call for electricians, plumbers or any other experts when the request is made by renters. In addition, many property managers and landlords have the professionals of their own confidence who might know even the property previously. The property manager nor the landlord are not responsible if you decide to call any professional on your own. They must be aware of the situation and take further actions.

Tenants must clean the apartment entirely before leaving.


  • Cleaning before Leaving

Ready to move out? Already packed your bags? Have your hand out for your deposit refund? Slow your roll- one step at a time! The property needs to be retuned to the landlord in the manner in which you received it in order to receive your full security deposit refund. It may be the single most important obligation the tenant is held responsible about. All of the details should be outlined in your lease agreement. Renters must complete the basics such as repainting to original colors, having the carpets and home professionally cleaned, and if furnished,  all furniture must be in the same condition it was rented to you.


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