4 Landscaping Tips to Increase your Spring Curb Appeal

Increase your curb appeal this springSellers often don’t want the hassle associated with long-term landscaping projects to get it just right for buyers. It’s more about the quick and effective solutions that help their homes look appealing from the curbside. ¬†To narrow down the many projects out there, we’ve provided sellers with our short, simple list of landscaping plans to help sell your house faster.

Keep the Yard Clean

Homeowners should keep their front yards clean and trimmed from the time spring starts. The lawn should be mowed regularly to a short length, and all flowers, shrubs and trees should be trimmed or pruned for new growth. It’s also important to remove any leftover debris like fallen leaves, branches or weeds to increase appeal. Professional lawn maintenance is also an option for between $330-$520.

Plant Young Perennials

Perennial flowers and shrubs share many of the same qualities as their annual brethren. What sets perennials apart as the better investment is that young ones last for more than two years, unlike annuals that need to be replaced ever year. Some varieties even handle harsh weather conditions better than many annuals. So why not make the long-term investment in case you don’t sell this year but want to next year?

Edge the Flower Beds

When flower beds only have dirt and then grass surrounding them, the dirt could spill onto the grass, or grass could grow into the beds. You can avoid this and help flower beds pop with landscape edging or curbing. Using bricks, stones or another material, you can edge the flower beds to organize the yard and make the beds stand out. You can also have landscape edging professionally installed for between $890 and $1,600 depending on the amount.

Add More Mulch

Mulch is a crucial ingredient to help plants and grass grow through spring. If your soil is particularly dried out after the winter, you should install mulch so new and old plants will grow better. There are various types of organic mulch available, so be sure to get the right kind for your climate conditions.