Tools Every Renter Should Own

A hammer is the highest ranked tool every renter should own

Landlords are responsible for major repairs, improvements, refurbishments and renovation. But what about small ones? They might be easily fixed by renters if they have the right tools. We have a shopping list for tools every renter should own.

  • Tape Measure: It will help you in many situations. Measuring for new curtains, new furniture or decorations, decorations, a tape measure will help you organize your space, automatically bringing you comfort and quality of life.
  • Hammer: A classic tool for every toolbox, a true icon. The top tool every renter should own. It can be your ally in many fixes that may appear in your furniture, walls, doors, etc. But be careful, some of its uses may require landlord approval. Make sure the hammer of your choice will fit into your toolbox and if the  the head of the hammer is smooth enough to avoid surface damage and nail slippage.
  • Screwdriver set: Another classic, make sure you have a good variety of sizes. It can be extremely helpful for doors, installing hall hooks and for certain furniture.
  • Screwers, Anchors and Nails: It’s important to keep a small plastic box with an assortment of nails and screws in your toolbox. You never know when you’ll need to replace a screw on a door handle or add an extra nail to hang that large mirror.
  • Pliers: They are essential for holding tiny objects firmly when you need to manipulate them. With enough torque applied, they can pull, pinch or bend metal into shape as well. Make sure you get a good set including long-nose pliers, combination pliers and locking pliers to cover your needs.
  • Levels: They will be your best friend for hanging art on your walls, installing curtain rods, or simply checking to see if your door frame really is crooked.While there are several types of levels available, low-tech analog models with a floating bubble are quite accurate and inexpensive.
  • Allen/Hex Wrench Set: Most furniture that comes in a box will use an Allen wrench for assembly. Allen and hex wrenches (also sometimes called keys) are the same tool.  Make sure to tighten Allen bolts periodically to keep your furniture secure. In addition, they’re also useful for bicycle repairs!
  • Electric Drill/Screwdriver: An electric drill and screwdriver with a set of drill bits and screwdriver heads will make nearly all repair jobs easier. Drilling holes for new drawer pulls in furniture? Need to install a heavy mirror on a plaster wall with an anchor? The holes in your self-assemble furniture not big enough for the screws? Electric drill to the rescue! Again, check with your landlord for permission.

Credits to and Home Depot