Protect your Pets Paws in the Heat

You wouldn’t want to walk barefoot and burn your feet, right? Neither does your pet!

Ahh, the dog days of summer! Your pet loves them as much as we do! It is important to remember this: when you walk on blacktop surfaces in bare feet, your feet burn, right? So do your furry friends paws. Protecting your pets paws in the summer heat is key. Pavement, blacktop and even beach sand can burn unprotected paws. The pavement temperature rises fast and it is much hotter than what your thermometer reads. Read on for a few tips to protect those little paw pads.

  • Opt for “Cooler” Hours of the Day: Early in the morning before 8AM and in the evening after 7 PM are cooler than outside of those times. Surfaces temperature are much lower than the rest of the day. Before you head out to work in the morning or after dinner in the evening, spend a little time with your best friend on a walk.  Your pet will thank you!
  • Go to a Park Instead: Switch it up! Treat your pet to a change of scenery and smells! Besides- grass is cooler and softer on the feet than road surfaces. You may also enjoy the change of pace.

    A park might be better for your Dog than a simple walk.

  • Use your Backyard: If you have a nice grassed backyard use it to play with your dog. Let your dog spend its energy in a comfortable and fresh way. Find a few games to challenge your pet here.
  • Invest in Dog’s Boots: An idea that is gaining in popularity are dog booties;they protect your dog’s paws in any extreme weather situation, and good for all seasons. Help your puppy adapt to this new accessory. An idea is to show him the booties, then give a treat. Then touch his feet with the booties, give him a treat. Eventually he will catch on this is a good thing! Use the booties in winter as well, when the paws can be damaged by ice and chemicals to melt the ice. If your dog doesn’t feel comfortable with the booties, try a protective wax
  • Felines, Too!: Remember kitty’s paws. If your cat enjoys a walk once in a while, make sure they stay safe since a cat’s paws are much more sensitive to extreme weather. Although cats enjoy almost all of their time at home chilling, their paws need TLC too! If your kitty’s paws get burned, a good idea is Organic Healing Cream.
  • Check After Every Walk: Every time your furry friend returns home from their walk (with or without you), make sure their paws are not hurt. Keep an eye out for burns,cuts, thorns or debris between the foot pads. If you observe anything out of the ordinary, contact your vet to be sure all is well.





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